The Next Beyond

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The Next Beyond by Kelie Bowman, 2014, 16 pages, 9" x 12" edition of 126

I grew up in Clearwater, Florida close to the beach. I went swimming a lot, hung out in parking lots, went to music shows and ran around with friends causing trouble. I started taking pictures. Then went to college at the University of Florida, began making videos and sculptures. Then joined a circus and ran off with them, causing more awesome trouble. We were called Cloud Seeding Circus of the Performative Object. Then I ran away to Germany to lead bike tours one summer and my travels took me to New York. I started to paint and draw. My house burned down on Super Bowl Sunday of 2004, the same night I decided to start a gallery with this guy named Sto. Nine plus years, Cinders is still going, now as a non-profit organization. I had been living in New York for a decade and now live in Florida as Co-Director of F.L.A. Gallery in Gainesville. I make music in the bi-coastal band, Light Hits. I have work in the permanent collection at MOMA and the New York Public Library. The NYPD ran me over on my bike and broke my back and pelvis, but i am fine now and like to go on walks outside and plan my career as a manatee camp counselor one day...