Kayrock & Wolfy: Emily Manzo Piano God

Kayrock & Wolfy: Emily Manzo Piano God

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30 x 22 inches

2 color screenprint on Arches 88


Edition of 13, 2 artist proofs
Published and printed by Kayrock Screenprinting, 2005


This is an edition of 13 prints, of some of our favorite posters from their archives, that we created for One Sixpack Short of a Hippie Death Cult at Jessica Murray Projects. The exhibition opened on Friday, July 8, 2005 and ran through August 5. Some of the gems of the edition include the Yeah Yeah Yeahs first tour poster, Maxi Geil and Playcolt (Guy Richard Smit), the 2003 Social Registry CMJ showcase poster, and several other posters which step on the toes of such art luminaries as Josef Albers, Chuck Close, Arthur Arbit, and that guy that drew a snowman in a snowstorm. The edition portfolio comes packaged in a screenprinted archival storage box, including the 13 prints, a colophon print and interleaved glassine sheet. It has been collected by numerious private collectors and the Allen Memorial Art Museum