Kelie Bowman: Reset The Clocks

Kelie Bowman: Reset The Clocks

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27 x 40 inches

5 color screenprint on Coventry Rag 290gsm

Edition of 30 with 1 artist's proof and 1 printer's proof

Published and printed by Kayrock Screenprinting, 2014

Please note that prints may vary from the pictured example due to the nature of the printing process. Please contact us if you would like to pick which print you receive. 

Kelie Bowman - I grew up in Clearwater, Florida close to the beach. I went swimming a lot, hung out in parking lots, went to music shows and ran around with friends causing trouble. I started taking pictures. Then went to college at the University of Florida, began making videos and sculptures. Then joined a circus and ran off with them, causing more awesome trouble. We were called Cloud Seeding Circus of the Performative Object. Then I ran away to Germany to lead bike tours one summer and my travels took me to New York. I started to paint and draw. My house burned down on Super Bowl Sunday of 2004, the same night I decided to start a gallery with this guy named Sto. Nine plus years, Cinders is still going, now as a non-profit organization. I had been living in New York for a decade and now live in Florida as Co-Director of F.L.A. Gallery in Gainesville. I make music in the bi-coastal band, Light Hits. I have work in the permanent collection at MOMA and the New York Public Library. The NYPD ran me over on my bike and broke my back and pelvis, but i am fine now and like to go on walks outside and plan my career as a manatee camp counselor one day...