Any Tied Shoe Will Become Untied If Held Upside Down For Long Enough

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Any Tied Shoe Will Become Untied If Held Upside Down For Long Enough by Tim Maul, 2014, 44 pages, 6" x 8" edition of 197.

The statement ANY TIED SHOE WILL BECOME UNTIED IF HELD UPSIDE DOWN FOR LONG ENOUGH was culled from one of my late 70's notebooks probably as an idea for a performance. Upon invitation of Brooke Tomiello to collaborate with Kayrock on a publication I thought of a nonsensical picture or kids book that could be done quickly and simply as 'ATSWBUIHUD' fit the bill. The result is certainly nostalgic of artists I so admired at the time like William Wegman and the intense durational performed works of Terry Fox. It felt somehow a relief to finally produce some version of the statement and to return to my 20's, at least stylistically. However in making the images (in a empty classroom at SVA where I teach) I attempted a shoestring loose and realized (duh) that the digital eliminates of motion to a great degree. I miss the blur. The suggestion that the little book be bound with thread proved a bonus in that a centrally located length of threads corresponded to a pair of dangling shoelaces depicted. Very nice. Now I should do the performance!

Kayrock Book Series #23