Adventure ( for Adults )

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Adventure (for Adults) by William Kaizen, 2015, 26 pages, 10" x 6" edition of 300.

Adventure (for Adults) is a children's book for adults written and designed by William Kaizen. It's both a memoir and contemporary account of the author's experience playing the Atari 2600 video game Adventure by Warren Robinett. Follow the adventures of a grownup who replays Adventure, his favorite game from his youth, through the eyes of a husband and parent and in light of the booms and busts of the video game industry. Find the hidden Easter egg if you can.

William Kaizen is a writer, educator and editor who lives in the Boston area. He has a Ph.D. in art history and has taught at various schools in the northeast, including his alma mater Columbia University, The University of Massachusetts and Northeastern University. His writing has appeared in magazines and journals including Bomb, October, Grey Room, Artforum and the Women's Art Journal.

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