32 Geometric Shapes

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32 Geometric Shapes by Karl LaRocca 2017, 32 pages + gatefold dust jacket, 9" x 12", screen-print edition of 200, hand sewn binding, signed and numbered by the artist.

Engineer's graph paper with 5 squares per inch overlaid with blue outlines inspired by Montessori works. Circle, Oval, Ellipse, Curvilinear Triangle, Equilateral Triangle,  Acute Isosceles Triangle, Obtuse Isosceles Triangle, Right Isosceles Triangle, Square, Rectangle, Parallelogram, Trapezoid, Isosceles Trapezoid, Right Trapezoid, Three Sides Equal Trapezoid, Irregular Quadrilateral, Acure Scalene Triangle, Obtuse Scalene Triangle, Right Scalene Triangle, Kite, Rhombus, Regular Pentagon, Regular Hexagon, Regular Heptagon, Regular Octagon, regular Enneagon, Regular Decagon, Quatrefoil, Crescent, Dart, Chevron, and Home.

Kayrock Book Series #36