Kristin Texeira: Piano Player at Wash Square

Kristin Texeira: Piano Player at Wash Square

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Signed and numbered edition of 161 by Kristin Texeira

7 color screenprint on French 100lb cover, 24"x18", 2017

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I paint to provide proof -- for myself and others -- of existing in certain moments in time. I paint to capture, document, and preserve memories. I translate the essence of moments through color by mixing up the poetics of people and places.

Color is what I see when I hear music, taste wine, or read the titles of short stories. It is how I decipher new places when traveling, and the people I meet along the way. Through color I am trying to remedy nostalgia; my paintings are the vessels that ferry viewers back in time, so they can encounter a moment again and again.

This piece contains a memory of Washington Square Park. It is one of my earliest memories of New York -- walking through the park, eyes open, so much movement, so much to interact with. Under the arch of the monument there was a man playing piano and a crowd gathered around him -- here was a moment of stillness and peace in the middle of the buzzing park.

Kristin Texeira was born in Massachusetts and graduated from Mass College of Art and Design in 2010. She has had the opportunity to partake in residencies in the states and abroad such as the Alfred and Trafford Klots Residency through MICA in Brittany and the Golden Foundation Artist Residency in New Berlin, NY and most recently the Varda Artist Residency in Sausalito, CA. Texeira has exhibited on both coasts and in Europe and currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. 

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