FOO/SKOU: Transatlantic Duet Print

FOO/SKOU: Transatlantic Duet Print

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Signed and numbered edition of 195 by FOO/SKOU

1 color screenprint on French 100lb cover, 2019

Transatlantic Duet Print is an experience with sound and graphic that merges analog and digital worlds.

The print works with a custom-made iPhone app called Format 3. The app is available for free download on the app store

The Format 3 app reads the graphic symbols and translates them to loops of sound.

Transatlantic Duet is a composition of nine sounding symbols that represent nine loops of vocals, made from vocal recordings shared between FOO/SKOU across the Atlantic Ocean. The nine vocal loops have been composed with inspiration in the nine themes/concepts: Om, Duality, Stress, Scatter, Waves, Warp, Focus, Maya (she who measures) and Order.

The visual symbols are abstractions over patterns of vibrations of sound known as “Chladni Plates” A technique invented in the late 18th century by the German scientist Ernst Chladni - one of the pioneers of experimental acoustics. His research served as the basis for the scientific understanding of sound that later emerged in the 19th century and “Chladni’s Plates” provided an early way to visualize vibrations of sound.

Furthermore the work finds inspiration in scores of Cage, paintings of Kandinsky, instruments from Russian futurism, Musique concrète, sampling and meditation media.

The Format 3 app is created in collaboration with app developer Aaron Sutula and is presently available in the iTunes store for iOS. 

Made in Brooklyn, NY. Standard 18"x24" size for easy and affordable framing. Unframed prints ship in 1-2 business days. Framed prints are fulfilled by Simply Framed and current lead time is approxiately one month. Frames are glazed with 99% UV blocking plexi and have a shadowbox spacer.