James Turek: The Heliopolis

James Turek: The Heliopolis

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Signed and numbered edition of 169 by James Turek

4 color screenprint on 100lb French, 2020

Passing through 2020, into 2021, and soon approaching 2022 anchors the mind. We are floating cities. We navigate the wind, reality, and the waters of the apocalypse. There is much yet to explore. The brave crew of the Heliopolis house boat press forward to explore the frontiers of consciousness and the dream world. Here, they have crossed into an uncharted tropical vortex. Volcanoes erupt around them. The air is poisoned, the water hot to the touch. To find their way they must wait for the skies to clear and the stars to shine. Will they keep their cool and make it through the chaos? Hop aboard and find out.

James Turek b.1973 is an American comic artist and illustrator. He is the author of,  Make my Day! Motel Shangri-La, and Taco Days. He is a founding member of The Millionaires Club, comics and graphics festival. He is the recipient of the CUNE comics Award and a finalist for the Berthold Leibinger Comic book Prize. He is a longtime contributing artist to Zeit Leo magazine. He lives in Leipzig, Germany. 

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