Maya Hayuk: Tonight is Kind of Special

Maya Hayuk: Tonight is Kind of Special

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23 x 23 inches

4 color screenprint on Lenox 100

Edition of 45, 1 artist proof, 1 printer proof. This edition is sold out. Published and printed by Kayrock Screenprinting, 2012

Maya Hayuk obsesses with symmetry and nourishing color played out in what might be views from the Hubble Telescope, airbrushed nail art, Ukrainian Easter eggs, chandeliers, mandalas, Rorschach tests and/or holograms. Embracing sexuality and spirituality via symbolism evocative of radiantly woven geometries and beckoning parted orifices of the body, her work tries to decode a process towards continuity and wholeness while striking chords of an almost pathological optimism.