Chris Uphues: Crystal

Chris Uphues: Crystal

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30 x 22 inches

3 color screenprint with haind painted acrylic on Lenox 100

Edition of 30, 1 artist proof, 1 printer proof. This edition is sold out
Published and printed by Kayrock Screenprinting, 2010

Chris Uphues is an artist and designer living in Brooklyn, NY. He lives with his monkey Del where they spend their nights singing to the moon with homemade instruments and generally having a good time.

His work is concerned with an idiosyncratic visual vocabulary embracing toys, folk art, popular and anonymous objects, video games, black light posters, Bosh, japanese designer, Popy, classical greek sculpture, islamic architecture, Walt Disney, chinese opera, bismillah khan neon, persian calligraphy animation, comics, hindu art, Issa, album art, carnival lights and display, tramp art, fireworks and advertising. He understands the fantastic energy force and formal variety present everywhere in products of everyday popular culture. Looking closely at his work it is full of wonderful and fantastic surprises. He is a true craftsman with a steady hand for details and a polished surface.