Islamic Youth T-Shirt

Islamic Youth T-Shirt

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Only available directly from Taravat Talepasand who was Made in Iran 1979 and Born in America. Softhand black ink on a white shirt. Despite ongoing government censorship in Iran and accusations of "Westoxication," an underground music scene continues to flourish. In this collection, Talepasand appropriates the 1990 Sonic Youth album "Goo" changing the two characters to two women in chadors. Recalling youthful rebellion and a personal history of smuggling band shirts from the US to family and friends in Iran, Talepasand's clothing line repositions Islamic culture within the context of rock and roll.

Black waterbased ink on a white ring spun cotton T-Shirt.

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    Body Length27.0"28.0"29.0"30.0"31.0"
    Chest Width16.0"18.0"20.0"22.0"24.0"