The Game With No Rules Poster

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1 color screenprint on French 70lb text, 2015

This poster contains all 56 card images from The Game With No Rules ( Un Jeu Sans Regles ) The cards encompass overlapping systems derived from Tetris, I Ching, Binary Numbers, The Tarot, Alchemy, Chance, Sonic Waveforms, Wu Xing, Directions, Questions, Zener Cards ( ESP ), The Lord of the Rings, Euler's Identity, and more. Creating rules for play is left as an exercise for the player. Imagine that your cool older sister took one card from every game in the house and made up a game to play with you on a rainy day.

Made in Brooklyn, NY. Standard 18"x24" size for easy and affordable framing or let us frame it in our hand made Vermont maple museum frame featuring walnut splines, archival UV blocking glazing and acid free mounting.

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