Mary Wagner: Enigma

Mary Wagner: Enigma

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Signed and numbered edition of 175 by Mary Wagner

5 color screenprint on French 100lb cover, 2018

Enigma is an interpretation of an abstraction of a refraction of an emanation... at least obfuscating Mr. Churchill's riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an etcetera. 

Mary Wagner’s drawings are simple, fluid, curvilinear paths arching about some absent center like an interstellar object flirting about a gravity well. Lines coax and combine into a sort of "non-subject" or subjective subject matter... inviting viewers to project themselves. Wagner's drawings are mediated by machines she herself makes. Relatively simple machines... the meshing teeth of gears guide her pen, wheels inside of wheels. Spinning. In our universe everything spins. From the mundane circling of water exiting a drain, to the majestic revolution of our spiraling galaxy, to the minute play of positives and negatives at the core of matter itself. In this way Wagner’s drawings emulate and replicate the mechanics of the universe. Everything revolves around a something.


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