A More Brighter Idea

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A More Brighter Idea by Daniel Davidson, 2015, 32 pages plus gatefold dust jacket, 9" x 12" edition of 200. The long awaited sequel to A Brighter Idea.

"I found a book in a Paris bookstore called A Bright Idea. It was a blank book of lightbulb silhouettes designed for doodles, lists, etc. I thought the lightbulb shapes would make interesting faces and figures. Improvising without references,I obsessively drew all the characters with black pens over the yellow shapes. Once I started drawing in it, I couldn't put it down. I finished it on the plane back to New York." -dd

Davidson's work is a fusion of hybrid characters, spaces and styles often employing the comic or the grotesque; a reflection of societal overload, of the complexities of modern life, and the excesses and addictions that surround us.

Daniel Davidson is a painter based in Brooklyn, New York. After graduating from the San Francisco Art Institute, Daniel moved to New York in 1993 where he continues to live. His work ranges from drawing, painting, video and sculpture. The work focuses on societal overload and addictions of modern life. Davidson has exhibited in the United States and internationally in numerous solo and group shows.

Kayrock Book Series #28